Clients include:

Hidden Valley Ranch
Corto Olive Oil
Flat Top Wines
Republic of Tea
Brit + Co
Ocho Organic Candy
Glad Food Storage
Malibu Rum
Johnson & Johnson
Mondavi Winery
Morton Salt
Blue Moon Beer
Impossible Foods
San Francisco Magazine
Google Express
Good Eggs
Sun Basket
Illy Caffe
JCB Collection
California Olive Ranch
Hampton Creek
Fair Trade USA
Whole Foods
Nature Box
Bust Magazine
GFF Magazine
DS Simon Media
Form & Fiction
Anova Culinary
Winc, Club W
Carton Council
Appleton Estate
Sprout Organic Foods

As a teenager, Amanda didn’t sleep much. Instead of tossing and turning in a futile attempt to snooze, she made midnight eclairs as her mother slept.

Highlights of her early years include marching in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with her high school color guard, entering the University of California Irvine as a physics major and studying French for a summer abroad in Paris. 

Eventually her tastes matured, so she naturally moved on to playing poker professionally. Her poker career culminated in a modest showing at the World Series of Poker, an extensive knowledge of tells and many trips to Las Vegas. 

Despite being comfortable in her lucky blue track suit at the poker tables, it was while cooking nightly dinners for her fellow poker players and housemates that she discovered her true passion was food. She soon decided to study cooking at San Francisco's Tante Marie’s Cooking School.

For over a year she was the only female line cook at Nopa in San Francisco - the restaurant so good, they named the neighborhood after it. It wasn’t long before she found herself staring into salad bowls imagining color stories and perfect arrangements of produce during late shifts on the line. Her pivot into food styling felt like the natural next step.   

These days she can be found constructing elaborate sliced fruit towers and giving sprouts custom haircuts for more attractive sandwiches, but you’ll never find her shellacking a turkey. (though a little KB never hurt anyone…)

Her current record for the Monday New York Times crossword is a cool 12 minutes.